Horse Properties for Sale

HorsesIf you are looking for Horse Property anywhere in the world, my go to site is masterfully designed and executed by Heather Fogarty. Designed by experienced horse people that know what each Equestrian discipline requires the website provides a detailed specific search for amenities you need.  For instance how many stalls in the barn and are there in and outs, how many pastures and paddocks are available and are they irrigated, what type of footing is in the arena and are the arenas covered, trail availability, tack room and grooming facilities, the attention to detail is refreshingly thorough. Please visit her site @ or give me a call if you need assistance.

Flush Revenues…Tax Cuts or Increase Spending?

Cuts vs Spending…the age old question.  What to do with new revenue surpluses that the recent tax increases have provided. Poses the question, are the revenues sustainable and do we make decisions based on the influx now or anticipate a potential slowing? Mark Peters article in the WSJ today addresses what some states are considering.

Remodeling? Where to begin…


If you are considering a remodel or a furniture revamping….I think the website Houzz is a terrific tool to work with and a great place to begin. By gathering ideas into your “Ideabook” on the website you can revisit them as your thoughts work through what you want to accomplish or you can share them with an interior designer or architect. A visual picture is ideal to relate to a professional the look you are trying to achieve.  In many cases Houzz also provides the prices of items, flooring, fabric and lighting which you can use to construct a beginning budget. w=300

A Spa for Equestrians


So if someone asked me what type of Spa I would travel to, having to leave my mare behind… it would be wonderful if it included riding as a daily exercise, followed by all the usual spa treatments. Fortunately for me Sheila Johnson, co-founder of the Salamander Spa in Middleburg had the same idea.  Six months ago she opened the 23,000 square foot spa complete with an “Equi-Spective Experience” as one of her wellness options. For more information click the link below.

Old Homes Revitalized


According to Dale Hrabi’s article in the Wall St Journal this weekend, buyers are gravitating to purchasing historic, architectural homes and updating the interiors; thus distancing themselves from larger, sterile Mega-Mansions. Still desirous of roomy kitchens, open concept family rooms, luxurious master bathrooms and large walk in closets they are having these designed within homes inspired by historic models.  Hrabi writes,”The average size of new houses shrank in 2013 to a little over 2600 square feet.”

Adding Space to a Room

Tight on space, build your own furniture unit! I think this is a great way to add storage space and lighting in a small bedroom.  The built in shelving and drawers become the housing for what makes your room comfortable and relaxing to you. Elegance and comfort in a small space.